For each problem surfaces there are specific solutions, we are able to advise you. We have a colorimeter and software for creating tints. Depending on your needs, we design the best solution for treating surface or to protect.


Color professionals, to decorators, contractrs offer a very high range of solutions and products, quality guaranteed over time.

Our engineers can advise on detailed rules for the application of professional painting cycles which have characteristics and innovative compositions, their easy application and enable revolutionary results.

In case of application specific product cycles, you can request the documentation to get the assurance of facades.

In addition to the guarantee by the use of derivative products and high technical skills, it is thus assured of a successful outcome of the work done in time.

Proposed paint systems offer the possibility of proper restoration, long-term protection and a barrier against dirt and weather increasingly corrosive. 


Below are examples of the treatment of some buildings made with Sandtex cycles and Sigma.



Sandtex Antiqua affects civil plaster or plaster smooth float body colored. Consists of slaked lime in cheeses, inorganic pigments and coloured earths and selected marble chips of silica.

Sandtex Antiqua It is optimum to give facades a decorative appearance of coloured plaster. Comes in version fine type "1", which can be smoothed to obtain a counterbore or plaster finish can be finished as a shady end float plaster. Comes in type "2" version, in which the presence of a grit allows a finish plaster-like shaded float civil dotted. Provided that the surfaces are clean and solid, the Antiqua Sandtex plaster can be applied on:

  • Rough plaster pulled end new
  • New civil plasteror
  • Special plasters with preventive action or remediation
  • Against moisture


Siloxane thickness coatings consist of a siloxane resin composed of hard aggregates such as: granite, marble, silica pigments have the following characteristics:

  • resistance to UV rays
  • excellent breathability
  • excellent water repellency
  • high degree of elasticity
  • very good adhesion power 

Are products that remain unchanged over time.

Sigma cycles


Sigma Aquadur is the first flexible system on the European market which has proven (since 1965) its great value in rehabilitation of facades with problems of micro cracks in plaster or lesions.  


For this product line is available, sealants and finishes networks. Contact us for details of use in all conditions.



Particularly suitable for facades, the system Siloxan has breathability and waterproofness, also:

  • it is not film-forming allows you to paint over old surfaces without causing tensions (and gaps)
  • is permeable to water vapor inside the masonry and therefore ensures a real sanitation facades 
  • water repellent is outside (then absorbs rainwater limited)
  • mineral is so does not allow the formation of mosses (being devoid of organic matter)
  • antistatic and  not  thermoplatsic therefore self-cleaning (dust and dirt does not adhere to it).


The Sigma Quarzo are produced for facades based on acrylic copolymer dispersion with quartz meal.



  • Excellent weather protection
  • Excellent filling power and easy use by brush

It is available in two versions: Fine and Grof, as an intermediate or finishing.