The rehabilitation in the presence of rising damp is another of our privileged sectors of intervention.

The product we use is suitable for all types of masonry (brick, stone, concrete ...), BBA certificate and permanently active: VANDEX INJECTION MORTAR (VIM). Is part of a specific range for the restoration of stone walls, brick, masonry and concrete mixed with moisture problems and presence of salt.

Realizing a chemical barrier with VANDEX VIM at the base of the wall, you can permanently stop the capillary humidity.


VANDEX VIM contains specific hydraulic binders, quartz sand treated with special chemicals and special proceedings are active. When injected into holes drilled at regular intervals in the area established for the barrier against rising damp (DPC), the product spreads around the injection points and causes the formation of insoluble crystals. Is permanently occluded the capillary network and any cracks or crevices on the back of the wall, creating a barrier to the passage of moisture. In addition, malta present in hole, harden to form a solid plug, which will replace the removed material with drilling.


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