The works of restoration and protection that we bring each structure to full functionality.

The integrity of works built in contact with the sea has, over the years, put to the test.

The structures in mountain areas are affected by climatic stress and freeze-thaw cycles that threaten the structural soundness.


Reinforced concrete buildings subjected to "environmental attacks" have widespread and disruptive situations of deterioration. The weathering and acid rain aggravates such phenomena.

The talks, arranged in different product cycles are applied at specific times, start by removing elements of degradation (removal of the reinforcement bar protections, elimination of rust by sanding) to reconstruction with mortars, structuring to the cement waterproofing application suitable for protecting the structures on which action was taken and to return them to their perfect functionality.


Intervention on pier on the sea:

The structure concerned (length Jetty driveway raised by 1800 m and width of about 4 m.) had diffuse releases from any surface cover intradossale and was treated with products recommended by us, the Fixbeton line and Vandex and Seic Division of Cements Harpo SpA.

Advice during our intervention took place in close collaboration with the workers involved in the restoration of the structure and technical (engineers) who have studied the feasibility.